Equine Wellness Program

Equine Wellness Programs

A recent survey of our client base indicated that the largest concern of horse owners is the escalating cost of horse ownership. In today's economy, those concerns are well-founded, and AMH Equine Veterinary Services would like to work with you to continue to provide the very best for your horses, while still providing you with the opportunity to reduce costs where you feel they might be necessary.

The Doctors at the Animal Medical Hospital at Glenwood have designed specific preventative medicine programs to meet the needs of your equine companions. There are three different programs to create a number of options based on your horse's needs.

These programs include all of the appropriate vaccinations for horses in the Maryland area. Vaccinations are given prior to when your horse is most at risk for the various diseases to ensure proper protection. Parasite control is extremely important and we have incorporated an up to date plan that is recommended by industry experts. Fecal egg counts are utilized to ensure that your equine companion's parasite burden remains low, and parasite resistance is not a problem. Additionally, the wellness plan includes a yearly comprehensive physical examination, dental examination and blood panel, to ensure your companion's external, internal, and dental health remain in peak condition throughout the year.

The Doctors at the Animal Medical Hospital at Glenwood feel confident that both you and your equine companion will benefit from one of these plans, and hope that you will consider enrolling your horse(s). Please review each plan to determine which one is right for you.