Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography

In our ongoing efforts to offer state of the art service for your horse, we provide digital (computed) Radiography. Our system captures superior high quality images. The "computerized" capability of this system allows us to adjust tones to best match the diagnostic needs of the individual horse.

This technology helps us detect very small problems which are not visible on traditional x-rays. Under high magnification, images remain very clear and retain sharp contrast. Digital radiography allows us to diagnose the problem before it becomes a serious issue.

Digital Radiography Offers :

  • Superior quality
  • Increased diagnostic capability
  • Lasting image storage and retrieval

Advanced Technology in the Hospital and in the Field It is exciting that we can now offer this quality of diagnostic ability in the hospital and out in the field. The radiographs may be printed on film or copied onto CD, flash drive, or emailed for your own use. As an added benefit, duplicate radiographs or copies retain the same quality as the original film

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